DIY Guides Where Do Roaches Come From in Apartments? Tips to Keep Roaches Out

Where Do Roaches Come From in Apartments? Tips to Keep Roaches Out

If you know the main ways roaches get into homes or apartments, you can take some very simple steps to prevent them doing so. That’s what we discuss in our short article below.

We seem to see roaches popping up from out of nowhere, seeming like they’re everywhere. So where do cockroaches come from, and how do they get into apartments?

There are specific places and entryways that these bugs use to get inside your home. And for people living in apartments, it’s something you may rarely consider checking. But you should, because if you know how and where they enter, you can take simple steps to seal up these entryways and help prevent them from ever entering your home.

So where do roaches come from in apartments? Let’s find out.

Cracks on the Wall

Apartments are fundamentally living spaces separated by walls. But whether these walls are concrete, plaster or made from a very thin and cheap material, if they have cracks on them, roaches will be able to sneak in.

Roaches have bodies designed to slip through tight spaces. Their flat shapes help them squeeze through cracks. And some roach species like the German cockroach are no bigger than a few millimeters. So you can bet that they can easily get in through your walls.

To remedy this, apply seals or caulk on cracks. Don’t be fooled by how thin they can be. Cover every wall crack with seal. It’s better to seal them now than regret it later.

Doors and Windows

A cockroach clinging to a window net

Where do roaches come from in apartments? Well sometimes, the answer can be as simple as looking at your door.

Roaches are nocturnal, and they’re constantly in search of food. So opening doors and windows at night may attract them to your apartment. Always close your windows and doors at night or when you’re not around. Like what you should do with your walls, check for gaps and cracks, and seal them with caulk.

For the gap at the bottom of your door, use door seal sets. They’re not made from thick rubber or metal, so you can easily cut them to the shape and size of your door.


Roaches can also get into your apartment through your sinks and drains. The pipes in an apartment building is one large interconnected roach highway that gives them access to plenty of apartments.

What you should do is fix loose drains, replace old ones with newer versions that have smaller holes in them and invest in drain plugs.


Like bed bugs, roaches can also hitchhike in our clothes and luggage. So it’s always a good idea to check your clothes and your things right after you come home from a trip.

Inspect your bags, and don’t leave your used clothes on your bed or on a chair. Gather them in a basket, and wash them immediately with hot water.


Lastly, you should consider thinking that roaches and other pests is a community issue.

Since apartments are glued together, your living space will keep getting the same pest problem if your neighbors don’t do anything about their own pest issues.

Try to coordinate with your neighbors, at least with the people in your floor, to make a massive roach control operation. You can set up a date to have exterminators to look at your floor’s apartments.

So the next time you ask; “Where do roaches come from in apartments?” Look at your neighbors’ living condition and try to help out.


A roach problem in an apartment building is not solely an issue faced by you and your own family. It’s something that should be dealt with by the community living in the same building.

That’s because no amount of precautions, caulks and seals can stop these pests if the apartment next door hosts a nest of them multiplying at an alarming rate. First you need to identify where they are coming from, then use either a natural remedy or commercial methods to get rid of your problem.

Managing Editor & CEO Jack has been writing as a contractor and for businesses for over 10 years. He owns his own home, and has been doing his own pest control since he bought his first house.

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